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About Us

Who we are

An independent brand & packaging design consultancy formed almost two decades ago out of a belief that smart, simple, insightful, and authentic design makes a difference. We work for our clients around the world, in 35 countries, across 12 sectors with over 12 multinationals – with offices in major geographies to ensure an almost 24 hour operation for our clients. We respond to every project in a bespoke fashion – as required by the deliverables, client priorities & working style. The financial advantages of a central operation, combined with the leverage of global currency markets afford us the ability to deliver world-class design work competitively.

Our field of expertise

What we do, the Berge Farrell way.

There can be little doubt that great design makes for big impact and influences positive change. Not everybody can offer the specialised skill set required to deliver this creative power, but we have both the highly experienced professionals and track record to find your brand’s sweetest spot.

Brand Positioning & Architecture

A powerful positioning is at the heart of any successful brand. To define the correct positioning for your brand, is to identify the optimum opportunity for your business. Why would anyone not want to know that? We ensure that the answer is not only attainable, but evidence based. A comprehensive immersion phase – interrogating all influencing contextual factors & market dynamics – allows us to objectively distill not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’.

Portfolio Strategy & Brand Architecture

Inherent understanding of what a brand can and cannot do to be true to its core equity enables analysis of the overlaps and gaps in a portfolio. Understanding the potential occasions & the consumer enables expansion of total sales by building complimentary functional benefits, within the emotional benefits the Masterbrand provides, without cannibalisation. Our proprietary model for understanding brand stretch and the role of endorsement ensures that ‘family values’ are applied as and where useful.

Brand Evolution & Extension

A brand is a living entity. Continual exploration and freshness is required to stay alive. Not just in products, variants or horizontal / vertical expansion – but in ensuring the brand itself is as relevant tomorrow as it was yesterday. Analysis of trends, purpose, sustainability and macro influences on a global scale are an ongoing passion at BF, ensuring we can always apply them to a brand’s core and therefore maintain category leadership, direct and define new categories & sub-categories, as well as know when a trend is simply not relevant.

NPD innovation support

We lead and participate in extrapolation of blue sky insights, need states, building the intrinsic concepts and formulation briefs, through to scrutiny of the opportunity the brand seeks to leverage. Defining the implications for positioning, naming, design, format and more. We develop and produce the research material, methodology and analysis, interpretation and refinements, go-to-market messaging and launch materials.

Our portfolio

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Saudi Aramco & Baker Hughes

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Packaging, POS


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