BergeFarrellDesign Strategy

Linking Strat & Design

It starts with a group of creatively driven strategists who believe that strategy is an essential partner to design. This results in conceptual purposeful design solutions. It ensures that there is a seamless conceptual bridge between the brand as a business entity and the design solution.

Perform Extensive Market Research

We then explore the brief and perform extensive market research from category conventions and consumer insights to an analysis of the competitor landscape and a deconstruct of your brand’s assets.

Ask The Right Questions

We then distil our findings into a specific success model for your brand, thus unlocking the key attributes by asking the right questions. Ensuring your brand’s design solution is informed by why as well as how.

Search Laterally

We then continue to search laterally, exploring the consumer relationship with your category as well as the key human truth that engages with your brand’s DNA. This helps us locate a core brand idea that only you can own. What is your hidden gem?