Refresh of Bakers.

In the context of Bakers’ identity and packaging rebranding, Berge Farrell was tasked to roll out a unique, fresh and different look and feel for each biscuit brand.

The new packaging had to allow each brand to stand independently with its own unique design, yet allow the Bakers endorsement to be consistent.






Super C

Super C

Refresh of Super C look.

A fresh new look for the Super C pitch.








Refresh of Dentyne look.

A fresh new look for the Dentyne pitch.









Golden Cloud

Golden Cloud

Refresh of Golden Cloud.

Refresh of Golden Cloud’s Ready Mix and Cake ranges to communicate ‘delicious moreness’.

The redesign has been crafted to deliver maximum appetite appeal via a single-minded approach to photography, styling and layout, cueing ‘home-baked goodness’.







Tastic Rice

Upgrade of Masterbrand.

Upgrade of Masterbrand and portfolio roll-out of South Africa’s much-loved rice.

The design succeeds in unifying the Masterbrand and ranges as one contemporary monolithic brand, positioning Tastic as the leading trendsetter in the rice market.







Redesign of the entire range of Royco instant soups and sauces.

Winner of ‘Best in Class’ in the renovation/innovation category for the META (Middle East, Turkey and Africa) region.



Almarai: L'usine Wafers: UAE

Packaging refresh for world-class local bakery brand, L’usine.

Strong colour differentiation and variant ingredients instantly communicate the extension of flavour offerings in the range.




New pillow pack design.

Finely crafted packaging for Lindt showcases this sublime brand’s iconic logo and bold colour palette with a singular on-shelf presence that is instantly recognisable.




Cadbury: Lunch Bar: SA

Packaging refresh and update.

Much-loved favourites need to constantly be updated, yet strategically still ensure that the packs communicate on a functional and emotional level across existing and new consumers.



Carte D'or

Redesign of the premium Carte D’Or ice cream range in Europe.

An inspired and innovative solution for the transparent packaging and product ingredients is showcased in a contemporary, bold presentation.




I & J: Frozen Fish: SA

Packaging refresh for I&J Frozen Fish range.

A visual canvas that highlights the origin and heritage of the product, one which amplifies quality and freshness.


McDonalds Red Share Box


Packaging and POS follows the winning McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it!’ formula that is upfront and fun with a consistently dynamic visual language that is both eye-catching and true to the brand identity.

Below are a few examples.



Pick n Pay

Packaging design across Pick n Pay’s bouquet of private label brands competes with the best global retailers, inspiring confidence while incorporating all the inherent traits of the Pick n Pay name.

Below are a few examples.