Refresh of Reboost energy drink.

A new energy drink product, concept, name and pack development were created for Reboost from start to finish. Reboost is an energy drink delivering on a performance proposition and competes against the new players in the energy drink segment.






Refresh of Birell.

A fresh new look for Birell pitch.


Super C

Super C

Refresh of Super C.

A fresh new look for the Super C pitch.


Pepsico: Tropicana Slice: UAE

New packaging for Tropicana Slice in a market where fruit juice is the number one drink.

Design delivers a zesty kick of flavour with a three-dimensional splash effect that creates a fluidity of design, cueing refreshment and appetite appeal.

PnP Coffee

Pick n Pay: Organic Coffee: SA

Packaging refresh for Pick n Pay’s private label organic coffee.

In redesigning over 4000 SKUs for South Africa’s iconic supermarket brand, a clean, uncluttered packaging identity was created with each category competing against branded players.


Pepsico: Pepsi: UAE

Limited Edition Pepsi can design balances the effervescence intrinsic and the occasion extrinsic.

Designs remain true to the brand world, but allow for elements of surprise and excitement in innovative, themed designs.