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New Craft Beer

Sitting within the innovative craft beer category, Newlands Spring Brewing Co. is a craft microbrewery operating authentically out of the original brewery building at SABMiller. Mariendahl brewery dates back to 1820, affording a rich heritage and an incredible legacy of pioneers and entrepreneurs. One of the key successes and driving forces behind the quality and legacy of the brewery is the original source of water, which was used by the first ever brewmasters in South Africa in 1658. The Newlands Spring therefore provides the ultimate in authenticity, as the birthplace and indeed DNA of brewing in SA. The unique opportunity of reuniting the Mariendahl brewery with the Newlands Spring and over 200 years of SAB expertise creates a juxtaposition between the old and the new, coming together to create the Newlands Spring Brewing Co. This craft beer is based on key differentiators, the unrivalled skill of the brewmasters, pioneering history, provenance and the original source of natural spring water. Overall the innovative and unexpected combination of forms allows for great standout and faceted, layered branding. Where SABMiller reclaims the benchmark of a truly authentic craft brewery, bringing traditional SA brewing home to Newlands, the true... read more

Berge Farrell’s block party

The Berge Farrell year-end celebration was true to the vibrancy of the company and was centred on that feel-good homey vibe, with a potluck raffle and bubbles! Already, the environment set the tone for talking, doodling, playing hangman and listening to music. After a long year, it was great to spend some time together in a social setting where we could catch up as a team and bid farewell to 2015. As you may know, we here at Berge Farrell love food, and so the afternoon was spent hanging out around the big red table, laughing, drinking and eating plenty of delicious goodies. To us, this made sense and was the perfect way to end the year, sitting around a table, congratulating and teasing each other on the year’s events.  ... read more

Office Redesign

It was a long time coming. First came the endless plotting and planning, often over a chilled red or two. Then a forest of sketches and drawings. Private and not so private viewings. So many opinions. So many. And then came the first decision. September 2014 saw Paul Farrell, DIY guru and creative genius, plunder and pillage through the back wall to reveal an additional 300sq metres. And then came the long wait … Endless whispers about who was going to sit where and next to whom. Duck tape marked out virtual boardrooms. It was not uncommon to have what would become the dreaded yellow mamba invading your space. Flick. Measure. Click. Flippin’ Flickity Click Click Click. But, all good things come to those who wait. As the lifeblood of the agency, the creative teams were renovated first. Obviously. The walkthrough to ‘Narnia’ was torn away and behold clean new workstations with shiny apples atop were instantly populated by BF worker bees. While the writer admits to a secret fetish for petrol fumes, being high on glue, stinky paint and turpentine all day, every day, just does not cut it. Double vision deadlines are something best avoided. As the rest of the renovations rolled out the agency became a bit of squatter camp, with reception sitting in FA, the kitchen in strategy and the 3 directors sharing a broom cupboard. The latter of which necessitated the institution of a ‘safe word’. But one thing we do have is a monster sliding door that thunders open and closed, proudly displaying our BF logo and cavernously engulfing all those that are... read more

BF Spa Day

UNWINDING WITH THE BF GALS “Work hard, play hard.” Why? Because that’s how we roll at Berge Farrell. We work in a stressful and pressurising industry and that’s why we believe spending time together out of the office is essential for building good relationships and recharging our batteries. It’s also an excellent excuse to have some fun! So recently a few of us decided to treat ourselves to a well deserved day of pampering at the spa. This being a new adventure for me, having never been to a spa, I was counting down the sleeps in anticipation. The day finally arrived and, needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. Upon our arrival we wasted no time in replacing our jeans and T-shirts with terry cloth gowns and slippers. Then came the champagne, biltong and of course, Lindt chocolates (we stay loyal to our clients at all times). Oh, the decadence! We lounged for a while by the indoor heated pool, chatting while we waited to further indulge ourselves with an out-of-this-world Swedish massage. This consisted of one glorious hour of complete and utter BLISS. I managed to walk out of the massage with a modicum of dignity, half asleep but feeling totally rejuvenated … and surprisingly ravenously hungry although I did nothing but lie there. Next came a nutritious lunch and oh, more champagne. All I needed after that was a bed and I could have slept for days. All too soon the dream was over. It was time to say goodbye to my terry cloth robe and slippers … until the next... read more

10 Year Anniversary

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS AT CASA LABIA Ten years of success for any business is something to be celebrated and so we did – in style as only Berge Farrell can! We all got dressed up to the nines, the girls in their black numbers, bling and high heels, and the guys in their suave black ties and suits … and we partied up a storm at the lavish Casa Labia in Kalk Bay. The venue had been transformed for us into an extravagant casino where we proceeded to spend the day gambling our hard earned “Rands” away at the black jack, roulette and poker tables – whichever won you the most moolah. Lunch was a glorious affair and the wine was flowing as we kicked off our shoes, loosened up those stiff muscles and danced until the sun began to set. There are always those lucky few who make it big at the gambling tables and so it was that Pam, Steven B and Anne raked in the bucks that day – leaving the rest of us to battle it out for the measly leftovers. What a way to commemorate 10 terrific years in the design industry – loads of fun and memories to last a lifetime … or at least until the next “20 year” BF celebration comes along – my plan is the be there for that one... read more