New Craft Beer

New Craft Beer

Sitting within the innovative craft beer category, Newlands Spring Brewing Co. is a craft microbrewery operating authentically out of the original brewery building at SABMiller. Mariendahl brewery dates back to 1820, affording a rich heritage and an incredible legacy of pioneers and entrepreneurs.

One of the key successes and driving forces behind the quality and legacy of the brewery is the original source of water, which was used by the first ever brewmasters in South Africa in 1658. The Newlands Spring therefore provides the ultimate in authenticity, as the birthplace and indeed DNA of brewing in SA.

The unique opportunity of reuniting the Mariendahl brewery with the Newlands Spring and over 200 years of SAB expertise creates a juxtaposition between the old and the new, coming together to create the Newlands Spring Brewing Co. This craft beer is based on key differentiators, the unrivalled skill of the brewmasters, pioneering history, provenance and the original source of natural spring water.

Overall the innovative and unexpected combination of forms allows for great standout and faceted, layered branding. Where SABMiller reclaims the benchmark of a truly authentic craft brewery, bringing traditional SA brewing home to Newlands, the true provenance.